Little ones mad to meet a unicorn?

Already known as

“the lovely lady who makes little people’s dreams come true”,

Amanda has over 10 years experience of creating great experiences and memories for children using her cute and cuddly ponies.

She was furious at the disappointment created by the failed Unicorn Dreams Company in 2019. Realising there was a huge interest in Unicorns she decided to use her experience to develop a new unicorn event aimed at children and teens.

Meet a unicorn

With a mix of

  • unicorn craft,
  • unicorn folklore,
  • an idyllic backdrop,
  • the opportunity to meet a unicorn
  • combined with beautifully decorated unicorns,

Amanda’s “Unicorn Encounters” are sure to mesmerise both children and adults. Most of the bright and sparkly unicorn decorations have been designed and hand crafted by Amanda herself, and participants will enhance the decorations with various embellishments.

Dress up & photographs

To add to the theatre, the unicorn handlers will be dressed up Disney Princess style and participants are encouraged to come dressed up in unicorn/princess theme.

There’ll be a pretty photo backdrop too for you to take stunning pictures of your child with the unicorn.

Ride a unicorn

Under 11s even have the option to ride a unicorn and the event will finish with putting the unicorns to bed and participants receiving a unicorn gift and certificate.

Come and be enchanted

If you’d like your children to be enchanted at

“The place of dreams”

and find out why someone described their unicorn event as

“I couldn’t have believed it could be so amazing”

 simply click here to head over to our unicorn encounters page where you can find out more and book.

Unicorn Encounters are events with max 12 participants. Private activities are also available by arrangement.

Look forward to entertaining you soon.

Amanda Keech

Cheshire Unicorns (part of Cheshire Pony Parties)


07954 016179

I’ve been running a children’s party business for over 10 years and have received comments such as
” Professionally organised and run” and
“Amazing with children”
I have  5* & 4.7* ratings on Facebook

Meet a Unicorn at our ‘Unicorn Encounters” Unicorn Events this Summer
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