Amanda Keech set up Cheshire Pony Parties in 2008. She was the first pony party provider in Cheshire and one of the first in the UK. Pony experiences were developed by Amanda and these as well as her parties have been copied many times over - she must be doing something right!

Amanda has received many lovely testimonials over the years. She is renowned for being great with children and has had many comments about the fantastic organisation behind the scenes as well as making everything stress free for parents.

Amanda has offered (and hosted) Unicorn parties for a number of years but has decided to create a bespoke website to offer parties and photo shoots to show case her cute Unicorns and striking natural orchard setting in combination with your adorable little ones.

Amanda has 2 white Unicorns plus a chestnut (ginger) and a stunning black Unicorn.

Poppy and Demi were my daughter's ponies - both are quite old now but happy and healthy. Both have done all sorts including show jumping, cross country, pony club games and ofcourse hacking along country lanes.

Poppy is a chestnut, (ginger) mare (female) and is always very fluffy with a mountain of mane -perfect for younger children. Demi is my tallest pony/unicorn and is very white - sometimes a challenge to keep clean as he loves the mud! Demi was sold to a friend a few years ago but it broke my heart as he's beautiful inside and out, so I bought him back. Demi has started losing his teeth so I have to ensure he has sufficient food that he can actually eat!

Skittles is the new kid on the block - he's only young but very assured of himself! He's very handsome, again with a mass of mane and the biggest tail I've ever seen. Skittles is pale grey. He's currently in training - getting used to visitors.

Tess is my stunning black unicorn. She's previously been ridden by tiny tots and isn't phased by much.

You may also see Rusty - he's my smallest pony and doesn't work. He's sometimes black and sometimes white - just depends on the time of the year and what his coat is doing!

As well as the ponies here I have another pony who lives with my 2 big horses and my daughter's very big pony. We compete our 'big ones' both dressage and cross country which is very tiring but very rewarding. my daughter and I both have 2 young horses each (!) and we each have an older riding horse, both now semi retired.

I've owned my own equine(s) for over 40 years and have ridden, driven, trained, bred foals and competed most of that time. Feel free to ask me a question about either horses/ponies or unicorns - though my knowledge of unicorns isn't as comprehensive as my knowledge of horses (infact sometimes the children tell me all about unicorns!)