Designed for individuals/small groups (up to 4) for ages 2-10.

A unicorn encounter is usually an hour but can be extended with additional activities. Includes meeting your unicorn, decorating your unicorn then riding your unicorn.

Ideal birthday present for the unicorn mad little girl in your family. Birthday packages include a birthday rosette and unicorn themed gift bag.

Personalised electronic gift vouchers available.

Cheshire Unicorns Unicorn Encounter

Unicorn encounter format

Your unicorn enthusiast will enjoy approximately half an hour grooming and decorating a unicorn followed by approximately half an hour riding in our pretty Orchard. The children share one unicorn unless you request a second one.

I have a number of unicorn facts to delight children and adults.

Following their activity your child will be presented with a small unicorn-themed gift chosen by us or you can opt for the gorgeous cuddly soft unicorn gift for a small extra charge.

Your child does not require any pony/unicorn experience to enjoy activities here.

Our Unicorns

I have 4 unicorns available,

  • Poppy is chestnut (ginger) in colour and is ideal for ages 2-5 year olds
  • Tess is black and looks stunning in my bright unicorn decorations. She’s suitable for ages 3-7
  • Skittles and Demi are white – one suitable for ages 5-7 and my larger one for ages 6-10.

The smaller of the white ones is currently in training and will be available shortly.

Unicorn encounter prices and availability

A unicorn encounter for one child is £65, £25 each for additional children for an hour. This includes dressing your unicorn prior to your arrival.

Additional activities are available when you buy additional time slots:

  • leading the pony around an obstacle course
  • riding around an obstacle course collecting chocolate tokens
  • preparing the stable and putting the pony to bed
  • painting cutie marks on the pony
  • extra riding time

Birthday Unicorn Encounter

Our birthday unicorn encounter is a firm favourite, including birthday rosette presented to the birthday girl on arrival, unicorn themed party bags all round plus stroke all the ponies in the paddock.

This is often combined with preparing the hay and water then putting your unicorn to bed -cute!

Unicorn encounters are available all year round.